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  • 160 00 Praha 6
  • Czech Republic
  • Tel.:+420 233 007 111
  • Fax: +420 233 330 355
  • E-mail: info@aschemoprag.cz

Company profile

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s., a company owned by 5 Czech individuals, was founded in 2010 during the reorganization of the companies forming “CHEMOPRAG” group. AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. is the successor organization to CHEMOPRAG, s.r.o. and CG Chemoprag Group, s.r.o., with history from the first group company establishment in 1992.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. offers and provides comprehensive design and engineering services in all design and engineering disciplines, i.e. process, mechanical, electrical, measurement and control and civil engineering disciplines. Services are carried out primarily by its own employees, who carry out all phases of project documentation preparation as specified in detail by the overview of the company's core activities.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. further offers and carries out construction of investment projects as the general contractor (EPC or EPCM contractor) for turn-key projects, including start up of permanent operations. Material deliveries and construction and erection works are secured by EPC or EPCM contracting procedure under the supervision and coordination of the company's project managers.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. also offers and provides, in very close cooperation with research institutes, universities, science-research centers and patent holders, technologies transfer and application of the results of research and pilot projects in industrial applications.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. is a member of the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI), The Chemical Industry Association, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and other professional discipline organizations. The company is equipped in all design and engineering disciplines with all authorizations and certifications necessary to provide design and engineering services in the construction of technological and building industrial investment projects.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s. has offices in Prague and Pilsen.

AS CHEMOPRAG, a.s provides services in Czech and English, both in the Czech Republic and abroad through international cooperation in Europe , Asia (Saudi Arabia) and Africa (Egypt).